Seth Louey is an Entrepreneur, Product Designer, and Product Hunt Maker of the Year nominee.

He previously was the Creative Director of an Austin based mobile payments startup, SimplyTapp.

From 2012 - 2016, Seth was the Creative Director at a software agency called, MadGlory. He was working in the video game & entertainment industry designing large scale community platforms and applications.

He has worked with Riot Games, Epic Games, Warner Bros., Overdog, & many more. 

Seth has made 27 projects that have been featured on Product Hunt with the most popular being BotList, the Amazon for chatbots, and Komms, community software for Telegram.

You can say hi on Twitter, follow some dribbble work, or read his Medium


Latest Work

PBR: App Suite 1
PBR: App Suite 2
PBR: App Suite 3
PBR: App Suite 4
PBR: App Suite 5
PBR: App Suite 6
PBR: App Suite 7
PBR: App Suite 8
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