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What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… unless you’re the Fantastic Four.

Hey you. Yeah YOU! The one reading this ridiculous article. Deadpool here, disguised as a Creative Director named Seth Louey. Thought I’d share my insights on how I can teach you about some simple lessons of product design courtesy of 20th Centry Fox.

Backstory: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… 2009, 20th Centry Fox decided to unleash me into the cinematic world of X-men Origins: Wolverine (with that hunky Hugh Jackman). And that’s where today’s lessons come from kiddies.

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 1

Always put your community first!

Before you do anything, drill into that skull of yours that if you consistently put your community first, everything else will follow. Your users might not know exactly what they want, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to what they are saying. I learned that from James Earl Jones when he was whispering sweet nothings to Kevin Costner in a corn field… If you build it, they will come.

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 2

Remember that time Fox sewed my mouth shut? I’m not called a “merc with without a mouth”. That’s just silly. The outcome was years of fans not trusting in Fox to produce quality projects… *cough* *cough* Fantastic Four Reboot.

Quality team members are awesome! You should get some…

Having a team of trusted members who can keep the product in line is a must! They give you feedback, they help brain storm, and they can be brutally honest when you need them to be.

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 3

A dedicated team with passion for your end goal with help you push that rock up the hill. You have to trust in them with your chimichangas though. Mmmm… chimichangas!

Sustain a long-term vision

Goals are fun and small goals get the product past that pesky MVP, but always have that long-term vision of the product on your mind. Just don’t lose your head over it or you’ll end up in the dirt and not shipping. Not cool Mr. Hood!

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 4

Design does matter

No one likes to look at poop! Plain and simple. Quality UX and UI combined can be a ‘killer’ team to ‘execute’ a successful product. BUT, there’s no point for all of the bells and whistles if your product doesn’t function properly.

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 5

Spend the time to go over what your product should do and how it should function. Then move to how good looking he is… Man, that Ryan Reynolds…*cough* I mean, the interface! Quality design gets your community coming back and not looking for alternatives. Write that down, well remember that then.

Fail until you get it right

Failure can be a good thing, but you have to learn very quickly from your mistakes or else you will lose the trust of your community. With failure, comes iterations and with multiple iterations, most people will forget about the ‘Origins’ of how you started. Crossing fingers!

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 6

Do your research and learn from your mistakes. It will pay off in the end! Yes, that was a poop joke…

Keep it simple, stupid

Do I really have to say this? I feel like this statement is a no brainer! So many people fail with trying to keep a product design simple. That’s because it is extremely difficult, but not if you pay attention.

Do you really need to teleport, shoot lazers out of your eyes, have two katana blades come out of your friggen hands, AND heal really fast? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me…

Good thing you can Fail until you get it right!

What Deadpool Can Teach You About Product Design. 7

Note: All images are property of Fox and are not to be sold, traded or given away. Any copying (oops), manipulation (oops), publishing (oops), or other transfer of these materials, except as specifically provided in the terms and conditions of use (oops), is strictly prohibited but are sexy as hell.

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Startup Lessons from Working on a Farm

I grew up in one of the most northern parts of New York, called North Bangor. It’s a region that’s a barren wasteland to the startup industry. Livestock outnumber the people and your first job at the ripe age of “walking” is working on a farm.

It’s extremely tough work and it’s an even tougher lifestyle.

Even though the tech industry might not relate to the old ways of farmers, we should evaluate those old lessons to become better.

“Farming is a profession of hope” ~ Brian Brett

Shoveling shit is an everyday job… Get used to it!

Let’s start with the basics here. I think this lesson goes without saying, but if you’re not into the everyday hustle, you’re more than likely going to fail with your startup.

In every startup, there are always those trivial tasks that you have to deal with on a daily basis. No one really wants to do them, but they are necessary for your startup to become successful.

Either you want success or you don’t. You decide.

Have grit because there 'ain’t' no crying in farming.

You think that your startup is hard? Try farming. No seriously… try it. It will give you a whole new perspective on life.

While you’re drinking that mocha frappu-bullshit and sitting on your ergonomic chair in an air conditioned office, there’s a kid half your size slinging hay bales in a loft that’s hotter than Texas for a measly $8 per hour.

What will separate you from the pack of hungry startup enthusiasts is grit. Learn how to have thick skin and how to bounce back when you fail. Because more than likely, you will fail at least once.

Livestock rely on you and so do your users.

Want to only work 9–5, Monday through Friday, and have multiple vacations a year? Sounds like heaven to me. Well guess what? The farm’s not going to run itself.

Farming is a 24/7/365 job and so is your startup. Part of startup failure isn’t just about poor product or market fit, but because you leave the office at 5, take 3 coffee breaks, and an hour for lunch. WTF!

“If you live for the weekends and vacation, your shit is broken.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Work hard, but efficient

On a dairy farm, you have to wake up at 4:30 AM for morning chores and then go right to milking 300+ cows. This happens twice a day. Everything in-between is either more chores, field maintenance, farm upkeep, crops, or business to keep the farm running.

Efficiency is key for a farmer to be able to handle everything for 365 days a year. The same goes for anyone in the startup world. Look at your process and continue to evaluate your output. Your process is never 100% perfect!

When you plan your startup process, you’ll receive a higher quality and more efficient product. By dedicating your time to doing a job correctly and efficiently, you are more likely to get your desired results.

Your tools can kill you if you don’t know how to use them

I grew up with grandfather who lost his arm to a farm accident (and he could still outwork most men). This would be one of many accidents that would happen to my family. Some not so serious and others… fatal.

Even though you might not lose your arm to a chatbot or a task management tool, you can still bleed out by being unproductive.

Ok, so what are you saying, Seth? Tools can hurt productivity? The short answer is, YES!

If you’re going to use tools to help run your startup, at least do some research before you spend all of your time testing them out. After research, test them out with a select few. Don’t be distracting your team from the core goal of your company to “try” out a new app. There are features to be built!

Thanks for reading! If you liked the story, feel free to share with the buttons below.

These are a few lessons that I’ve experienced in my time with startups and I hope this inspires you. If you ever need any help with product design, I’m always here.

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March 10, 2019 - Comments Off on Five Reasons to Use a Chatbot During Your ICO or Token Sale

Five Reasons to Use a Chatbot During Your ICO or Token Sale

There’s no doubt that launching and maintaining an ICO or token sale is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting to get the word out. However, many blockchain companies struggle to find the right tools and systematic approaches that help in sharing the project information for the pending ICO or token sale.

Because the industry is relatively new and there are some strict regulations, the standards haven’t yet been established. Many Blockchain companies are simply following what others are doing which ultimately are expensive and time consuming solutions.

Having tools and coming up with a systematic and automatic approach will propel your project and ICO or token sale to a much more fruitful future.

Here are five reasons to use bots or chatbots to streamline your communication during your company’s ICO or token sale.

1: Easy Setup and Operation

Setting up a chatbot on Telegram with tools like is pretty straight forward. Once you have the bot set up and added to your community, you can log into your dashboard and customize it to your brand and how you want the communication to flow.

Once you are up and running, the chatbot handles all of the automation which you then can reap the benefits over and over again. Benefits being time and money!

2: Security You Can Count On

There are some bots in existence that will assist you in keeping the spammers out by deleting links, but they can do much more than that.

When using platforms such as Telegram, which is the standard form of communication for Blockchain companies in 2018, you can set up a chatbot to block unwanted links, forwarded messages, bots and much more.

Some bots have all of the features to find and remove the spammers automatically, so there’s no need to have a staff members on hand 24/7 to scan your community for things that can compromise the trust of your brand.

3: Money, Anyone?

Did we mention you’ll save money? Time equals money and having you or your staff to moderate your community is distracting and time consuming. You shouldn’t have to manually block bots and scammer links when software can automatically do this for you.

Wouldn’t you rather use your working hours to focus on building your blockchain project?

4: Customizing a Bot to Your Brand is Easy

You can customize your options so that you have even more control over the communities in which you post information for your participants. For example, chatbots like allow you to use hashtags to trigger events that will improve the communication experience for people interested in your ICO or token sale, but really, that’s just the start.

Personalizing your automation helps people feel tuned into your blockchain community even if your team is offline.

5: It Works While You Sleep

If aren’t sold on automation yet, consider that bots are doing the work for you, even when you are asleep. And isn’t that what all business owners want? We all want our businesses to run themselves so we can spend more time making the executive decisions for a more fruitful future.

Chatbots provide 24/7 automation which means that even if your admins aren’t around, the communication and information is still moving forward. With the proper set up, this also means that your community will always have some sort of activity in your Telegram group which is also important.

So if you are thinking of launching an ICO or token sale and you are already starting to feel overwhelmed, consider using a chatbot service to fully automate the tedious tasks which will provide more value for you and your team.

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How to get 100k views for less than $15 on Snapchat

While Evan Spiegel and the team are gearing up for Snapchat's IPO, the industry continues to be speculating on whether or not they will have a future. Since this is not the future and we have to be mindful of the present, here are a few personal lessons that I have learned for advertising on Snapchat. Before we get into it, here are some stats pulled from Marketing Land: Read more

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